I closed my storefront business, The Double Eagle Guitar Shop, on Adams Avenue in 2007.  I was 77 years old then with bad knees, high rent, and slow business; it was a good time to retire.  I started a small business out of my home in Normal Heights — doing instrument repair & maintenance.
  At that time, I had a left over shop inventory of guitars, banjos, assorted instruments, tools, parts, accessories and customers from years gone by.  Slowly that inventory has dwindled down to a few thousand dollars in value.
  After I turned 80, I started another small business, “Tile Art Motifs” — TAM.  My new business is “Art.”  I have become a Ceramic Tile Pop Artist.  I create portrait sized ceramic tile art pieces— originals plus classics taken from artists I like to recreate like Picasso, Miro, Leger, Modigliani…
  I am currently making pieces to add to my body of work. After I reach 100 Tile Art pieces, I plan to begin seriously marketing my Art. As of March 2016, I am up to 83 pieces I have created. On this website those pieces which are among my favorites are displayed.
Please contact me if you are interested in any of them and would like to negotiate a price.
Ed Douglas
March 28, 2016