After 12 years of owning The Blue Guitar music shop in San Diego, performing in a Bluegrass band (“The Scottsville Squirrel Barkers”) as a bass player, building restaurants for “The Food for Thought Corp” as a California general contractor, spending a year traveling alone in Europe – going to museums and admiring the work of the ancients, having a failed attempt to start a skiing bed and breakfast in Telluride, Colorado, called “Ed’s Beds,” I returned back home to San Diego to become a “Ceramic Tile Pop Artist.”

 My wife Lynn, our daughter Sadie, and I developed this web site, “Tile Art Motifs” (TAM) in 2015. Now in 2023, I am 92 years old and have created 178 pieces. I’m at the short end of my life,  but I can still do the tile work and I enjoy it. We’ve posted examples of my tile art on the web site. Hope you like them. 


February 2023

Most of my work is now available on a commission basis